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Working as a travel agent has many advantages. For example we very often have the opportunity to visit Warsaw hotels which we also book. Unfortunately sometimes we do not pay enough attention to them. Perhaps it is because we see too many hotels at the same time, or they look very similar to each other. So if we need to advise travelers, what the difference between one hotel and another is, we have difficulty doing that.

That is why I would like to write here about the hotels that we visit and to give you an honest review of each of them. I would like to concentrate on Warsaw hotels, mostly because since July 2011 Poland holds the Presidency of the European Union Council and in June next year the EURO 2012 football tournament will take place in Poland and the Ukraine. So  it will be useful for all of you who plan to visit our beautiful country  to have some more information about hotels in Poland – information which you will not find on any hotel reservation website.

Intercontinental Warsaw Hotel – the „beer mug”

On  the 09th of  June I  participated in a site inspection in the Intercontinental  Hotel Warsaw. This hotel is very conveniently-located,  in the city center, 20-35 minutes by car from the International Airport (depending  on  traffic),  5 minutes  on foot  from  the  central  railway  station.   You will find this hotel opposite  the  Palace of Culture and Science, which is one of the most recognizable landmarks  in  Warsaw and the highest building in the Polish  capital (230.68 m  high).

The hotel has a very interesting structure.  When  the building was under construction the inhabitants of the  surrounding  blocks of flats were complaining that it would obscure the sun.  As  a consequence,  the  Polish  architect  Tadeusz Spychała  “cut up”  the  shape  and now the building (according to the  hotel’s  employees)  looks  like a  “beer mug” .

The Intercontinental  Warsaw won the award for Poland’s Leading Business Hotel 2010.  The hotel  has been chosen for their stay by various celebrities such as Madonna, Sting, Cesaria Evora, and many others.

What I like about the hotel

First  of  all, the outstanding  view  from  the  wellness center  located  on the  43rd floor.  Taking a swim  in  the pool you can enjoy the view of the highest  clock tower in  the  world  ( part of the  Palace  of Culture and Science).

Secondly, as  far as  I know  this  is  the  only  Warsaw hotel  where a  harpist performs  during breakfast, for those of you who are into classical music at dawn :)

Thirdly,  in the Intercontinental  there  is  the “Platter” restaurant run by Karol  Okrasa,  one  of the most  popular  chefs in  Poland.  The  courses  are based  on Polish  traditional recipes , however  they are prepared  in  a  very modern,  I would say even  experimental  way.

To  sum  up,  I  highly  recommend  this  hotel  for people  who  are into  fitness,  harps or  harpists ;-)  and  Polish  experimental cuisine.

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